Improve the Health & Safety of Your Workforce


What is HSE Software?

HSE Software supports and helps manage your HSE provisions.


What is Mobile HSE Software?

Mobile HSE Software is HSE software which has been designed to work specifically on mobile devices so your users can access the software from any location.


What modules are included in Acumen Improve Safety?

The following core modules are included:

- HSE Safety
- Welfare Compliance
- Heat Management

- Compliance

- 360° Learning & Best Practice


What features are available in Acumen Improve Safety?

The following features are provided across all modules:

- Inspections, Checksheets, Audits

- Issues Registers

- Self Checklists

- Digital Documents & Work Packs

- 1000s Templates

- Template Customisation

- Search, Edit & Update
- Management Portal

- Reports & Dashboards
- Automated Report Distribution

- Alerts & Notifcations

and much more...


Is there a free trial?

Yes - make contact for your free trial.


How much does Acumen Improve Safety cost?

We offer a number of scaled monthly & annual subscriptions. Please make contact for further information.


Is Acumen Improve Safety a cloud solution?

Yes - it is a SaaS


Where is Acumen Improve Safety hosted?

Acumen Improve Safety is hosted on global AWS


Can Acumen Improve Safety be locally hosted?

Acumen Improve Safety can be hosted on regional AWS


Where is Acumen Improve Safety used?

Acumen Improve Safety is currently used in the UK, USA, Europe and MENA


How many users are currently using Acumen Improve Safety?

Over 150,000 engineers, managers and HSE specialists use Acumen Improve Safety


Do you have any case studies?

Yes - please make contact with us and we will share case studies with you.


Safety is Our Passion

At Acumen we believe a great software platform must change and adapt to local, regional and global needs. ImproveSafety does just that. Throughout the year we release updates, enhancements and new features.


Everything we do at Acumen is grounded in empirical data and studies which drives the platform. You will find the latest papers and thinking behind on LinkedIn.


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