Improve the Health & Safety of Your Workforce

Helping To Keep Your Workforce Safe

If you want to improve safety, increase welfare compliance and reduce accidents; then the Acumen ImproveSafety software is your perfect tool to:

-   Improve the safety and wellbeing of your workforce.
-   Reduce heat stress injury and death.
-   Improve welfare compliance and labour safety.
-   Instant real-time visibility of site safety.

Software to Improve Safety

Acumen ImproveSafety Software is robust, secure and easy to use. You can get started within minutes. The Acumen ImproveSafety software contains thousands of safety checks, risk assessments and inspection templates - all based on government, regulatory or best practice industry standards.

The templates you see in Acumen are all tried and tested, providing you with the most efficient and effective process for improving safety and reducing incidents.

Reduce Heat & Weather Injuries

Acumen ImproveSafety software is your one-stop tool to help you reduce heat stress injuries and improve safety in extreme weather conditions. Real-time safety improvements that will:


-   Reduce the number of heat stress injuries & deaths
-   Enable real-time weather alerts with guidance.
-   Control hours of extreme heat and no working.

Acumen ImproveSafety software will help you meet labour working regulations and legislation. Your workforce will be safer and will become more competent towards heat stress and extreme weather.

Welfare Compliance

Acumen ImproveSafety Software enables labour welfare compliance with ease. Utilise the tried and tested welfare management templates, regulation guidance and directives to ensure you meet all you labour welfare requirements whilst keeping your workforce safe.


-   Improve welfare conditions and awareness
-   Help reduce the potential for fines and litigation.
-   Reduce the number of incidents and accidents in your business.


Acumen ImproveSafety Software is robust, secure and easy to use. You can get started within minutes.

Take a test drive of the software via Apple or Android. Within minutes, you will be in good hands driving better health, safey, welfare and assurance in your organisation.


Ensuring safety and regulatory compliance will support your HSE provisions to be the best they can be.


No longer will you be exposed to litigation or fines due to non compliance. With instant real-time alerts to inform and manage your compliance requirements - you can rest assured you are always one step ahead of the safety needs of the business.

Our model is robust, structured and tried and tested. It just works! Drive a new era of safety culture in your organisation with Acumen ImproveSafety.

360° Safety Learning

Acumen Software creates a true 360° safety learning cycle that directly improves health & safety in your organisation.

Analyse safety concerns and best practice in real time. Acumen then allows you to identify learning points and best practice to share with your workforce.